||Jai Jagadamb Jai Durge|| ||Jai Jagadamb Jai Durge|| ||Jai Jagadamb Jai Durge||

Monday 22 October 2018


Shree Mangalchandika Prapatti is one of the most significant opportunities presented for the Shraddhavan women. A woman who performs the Prapatti of Adimata Chandika becomes capable to protect herself, her family, society and country. Also, the spiritual strength that she obtains from the Prapatti makes her able so as to set forth the development of her family, society, country and religion.

Prapatti Procedure

On the day of Sankranti post sunset, women may come together in an open area to perform the Prapatti. The observance of Prapatti enables every woman in any role whether a mother, wife or sister, to obtain the inner strength for becoming a protective soldier or in fact, the bodyguard for her family. She assumes such a role after the completion of the Prapatti.

Steps of doing Prapatti

Take a huge paraat (plate with raised edges) and place it on a chaurang or paat (Indian traditional wooden stool). Put whole wheat grains in the paraat and place a kalash (small metal pot) in it. Add rice grains in the kalash and place a tamhan (a small metal plate) over it. Make two footprints of the Mother Chandika in the tamhan. The right footprint should be made from kumkum while the left one of turmeric. Place a picture of Swayam Bhagwan Trivikram in the paraat, resting against the kalash. This is the arrangement required for the pooja.


Since the year 2011, all the Shraddhavan women have been celebrating the Shree Mangalchandika Prapatti with great fervour together on the day of Makar Sankranti, as per the guidance of Bapu. Other women take part in the  Prapatti as well along with the Shraddhavan women.